Lard Buurman (1969 Zeist, The Netherlands), studied Photography at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, where he graduated in 1997.  In his photography the public realm has always been prominent. In the series ‘Taking Time’ (2002) he began exploring the possibilities of compiling documentary images by means of taking photographs in cities throughout Europe. By reconstructing the images from several documentary pictures from one spot, a hybrid of documentary and staged photography emerged. To him the notion of a city is defined by showing everyday life. By focussing on the narratives and lives of people that encounter each other in the public realm, he developed his own visual idiom. This project resulted in a solo exhibition at Bureau Leeuwarden in 2002. Two years later he travelled to China because he was fascinated by the speed in which urbanization had developed. In this series ‘Peoples Republic of China’, the city as a multi-layered space, a site of permanent change and incessant encounters gradually emerged. Through his experience in China he came to examine the urbanization in the second and third world more closely and his interest in African cities increased. From 2008 onwards he’s been working on capturing these African cities that are characterized by informal structures and the art of improvisation. His work did not go unnoticed and Buurman has shown his work in the Netherlands in the context of art and architectural festivals as well as on the African continent i.e. at Lagos Photo (2010 and the upcoming edition of 2014) and the Biennial Picha Recontres Lubumbashi, in Congo in 2013.

Postal address
Overtoom 246/2
NL-1054 JA Amsterdam

Studio address
De Wittenstraat 27
NL-1052 AK Amsterdam


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